Did you know that you can view a profile of your data in the Database in Geosoft*#39;s Viewer?
To get started, open your Geosoft Database (.GDB) in the Viewer.*#0160;If you don*#39;t have a Geosoft Database, you can start with a simple comma-delimited text file. Add a row for columns names if you like (it should start with a / on line 1 of the file) and then save it with a .XYZ extension. Then you can easily import it to a Geosoft Database.

Right click on the channel or column to see the options for showing a profile.

The spreadsheet window and the profile are linked so if you click on one, the other will jump to match your selection.

You can also show the values as symbols. This is useful if you change the X axis to use another column.
Here it is using *quot;Depth*quot; to order *quot;Magnitude*quot;. Right click on the Profile to see the X Axis options.

You can show multiple channels profiles together (in the same window or drag open another profile window).
Right click on the profile windows to see more options.*#0160;