We have just added gridded CRUST1.0 to the Geosoft Geoscience Data Service (Powered by DAP).*#0160;*#0160;

Fig. 1 -*#0160;Sediment Thickness
CRUST 1.0 is A New Global Crustal Model at 1x1 Degrees. *quot;Seismic tomography has been extensively used in various forms to determine the three-dimensional velocity structure of the Earth*#39;s mantle. The data used in these studies are surface wave (waveforms and dispersion measurements) and free oscillation (frequency shift) data as well as body wave travel times (arrival times from catalogues such as the ISC catalog and specially hand-picked long-period arrivals). For the majority of these studies, the crust has a significant impact on the observed seismic data but, at the same time, is too thin to be resolved by them. Most authors handle this by applying an assumed *quot;crustal correction*quot; to the data before an inversion for mantle structure. Since the inversion techniques can erroneously map crustal structure down to great depth (at least 250km), accurate crustal corrections to the data sets are extremely important.*quot; Visit https://igppweb.ucsd.edu/~gabi/crust1.html to learn more about these data.
Ref:*#0160;*#0160;Laske, G., Masters., G., Ma, Z. and Pasyanos, M., Update on CRUST1.0 - A 1-degree Global Model of Earth*#39;s Crust, Geophys. Res. Abstracts, 15, Abstract EGU2013-2658, 2013.*#0160; (https://igppweb.ucsd.edu/~gabi/rem.html)
(If you like the viridis colour table used for this project, check out the Geonet Forum post and get the colour table.)