This is the first article in the #TheNextGeo series and what better way to kick off the series than by interviewing a startup that is designing maps! Maps have been our obsession since forever and we are excited to be talking to David Overton, MD of SplashMaps *#8211; a wearable maps startup based out of London, UK. Let*#8217;s hear what David has to say about SplashMaps *#8211;
SplashMaps®’s unique personalised mapwear are designed to improve and share your love of adventure and the outdoors. Our most popular products include weatherproof fabric SplashMaps® and SplashMaps Toobs (think snood, neck gaiter or beanie) of your own area with your own title. These versatile products include long distance, mountain and city editions, assuring the best navigable map is on hand for most challenges on a bike or two feet. The amazing people behind SplashMaps *#8211; In the picture (in David*#8217;s words): Myself (MD), Ian Holt (CTO), Claire (all that lovely PR) and Nikos one of our amazing printers. Q: I’m curious *#8211; How does one go from graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, working with the precious metal industry to starting a mapping company? What got you into maps in the first place? A: You get there via travel, a special woman and re-emergence of a childhood dream