1. Procurements:
The Logistic assistant is in support for local procurements for ACTED in Zaatari base and his key responsibilities listed but not limited below:
• To receive Order form for local purchases- cross check the items and ensure the OF is filled with clear descriptions, delivery timeline, delivery location as well as the budget has been validated by Finance;
• To ensure compliance with ACTED procurement procedures for each purchase
• To find and Prepare the list of successful suppliers in both Capital Office and Area offices;
• To ensure fair and transparent selection of suppliers in each procurement;
• To prepare procurement memo, contracts, purchase orders based on fair and transparent negotiation with suppliers/contractors; and implement all this procedures on the Database
• To follow with program managers on weekly basis OFFU ( Order form follow up )
• To follow with Finance on weekly basis contract follow up (CFU) to ensure all procurement contracts under scenario (A, B, C and F) are registered and recorded
• To follow-up with the logistics department in Amman on all documentation done at capital level and required at base level for filing and compliance in procurement (for example, waivers).

2. Asset management:
The Logistics Officer is in charge of assets at the base level for ACTED in Zaatari and his key responsibilities listed but not limited below:
• To receive, tag and register all new assets in Zaatari base.
• Follow-up with both purchasing and finance to complete all relevant documents for compliance purposes
• Conduct periodic spot checks to ensure accuracy of the inventory
• Maintain assets in good working order and to follow-up on the repair/ replacement of assets
• Conduct periodic inventory controls to ensure assets are correctly managed * registered
• Conduct periodic inventory controls across the bases and capital to ensure assets are correctly managed * registered.
• Quarterly checks to be conducted for all common assets and properties
3. Delivery Follow up
• To ensure all procurement has been followed by delivery follow up (waybills, reception vouchers and packing list).
• To follow with field to send the signed waybill, reception vouchers and packing list after delivery immediately.
• To attach and file each delivery forms (waybill, reception voucher and packing list) with each relevant purchase documents in designated folder.
• To ensure the received quantity in the waybill(s) corresponds with the purchase documents and Order Form (OF)
4. Fleet and Fuel Management
• To ensure proper utilization, maintenance and follow up of the ACTED fleet, as per ACTED procedures;
• To control and manage the cost of the fleet (fuel, maintenance and repairs);
• Ensure that the fleet database is updated and accurate;
• Provide monthly reports and analysis to Capital Office and Area Coordination;
• Regularly review and cross check fleet movements against the fleet database;
• Ensure a monthly roster is prepared for all fleet staff and monitor overtime;
• Ensure that regular vehicle maintenance is undertaken with the rental company.
• Accountable for the overall compliance with the fleet management procedures;
• Vehicle request and allocation standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Vehicle use and safety procedures (first aid, spares etc.);
• Supervision of fleet team; Set up system, implement documents and procedures * develop forms when necessary
5. Filing
5.1. Logistic Folders:
• To create and update regularly the procurement folders for each ongoing programs based on purchase scenarios (e.g. 1 folder for all Scenario A and B and one folder for all Scenario C)
• To create and or update the Order form follow up folders (open order form to be placed in this folder)
• To update the procurement folders regularly and ensure that all procurement documents are collected with high attention on transparency and ACTED FLAT guidelines

5.2. FLAT Folder (logistic contributions):
• To provide all scenario “A”, “B” and “C” purchase documents original copies to FLAT focal point immediately after signing the contract with selected supplier(s)
• To provide delivery documents for Scenario “A”, “B” and “C” delivery follow ups, waybills, reception vouchers or packing list) for each delivered contract to FLAT focal point immediately after delivery completion;
• Meet on weekly basis with FLAT focal point in Capital office to review the CFU and handover the FLAT/logistic documents as per CFU;
6. Nature of the job
• Working hours are determined with the contract however in practice are variable depending upon the needs of the project. Working hours can range from 6am until 6pm, seven days per week, can be on a shift or fixed pattern. Working hours can extended before or after these hours if required in exceptional circumstances.
• Working days can include public holidays. Although no staff is required to work during this period the needs remain and flexibility is appreciated.
• Finger printing is used to monitor the attendance of staff. Staff who do not finger print in on time or at all can be subject to disciplinary procedures.
• Staff roles are defined in the ToR however staff can be required to fulfil other roles or duties according to the operational or strategic needs of the programme. These duties can be defined by any line manager, FLATS manager PM, Co-ordination.
Job Details

Date Posted: 2018-01-03
Job Location: Mafraq, Jordan
Job Role: Logistics and Transportation
Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit
Monthly Salary: US $1,000

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Nationality: Jordan
Degree: Baccalauréat