The Import/Export Logistics Specialist/Supervisor will work within the Logistics and Quality
Department and reports to the EGO Logistics * Quality Director and/or Managing Partner.
The main responsibility of the Import/Export Logistics Specialist/Supervisor at EGO is the
fulfilment of customer requests for crops shipment starting from EGO ex-pack house to
customer destination port; including but not limited to air and sea shipment as well as multi
modal and door to door shipments.
The Import/Export Logistics Specialist/Supervisor at EGO interfaces with the following
departments throughout the execution of sales transactions and customer fulfilment:
1- Internal at EGO:
a. Sales Department
b. Production Department
c. Quality Department
d. Finance Department
2- External to EGO:
a. Selected freight forwarding agents/companies, shipping companies, agents for
customs clearance, and all entities related to customer fulfilment; both local
and abroad at ports of destinations.
b. Selected inspection companies both local and abroad, as needed
c. Selected insurance companies both local and abroad, as needed
d. Export government entities and related Agriculture bodies
e. EGO Customer Notify agents
Roles * Responsibilities
1- Pre-sales roles and responsibilities
a. Obtain, and update, periodical (weekly in high season, monthly in low season)
vessel/airline detailed information, scheduling and costing and feed them to
sales, finance and production, as well as his/her manager
b. Provide analysis and prioritization of faster and cost effective means, yet with
absolute quality, of customer fulfilment periodically
c. Being responsive to sales request for ad-hoc requests for vessel/flight
availability and costing.
2- Pre-shipments roles and responsibilities
a. Coordinate with production and quality departments all closed sales
transactions fulfilment and schedules.
b. Coordinate shipments with all external entities with clear input on all
documents, notices, issues related to each closed sales transaction.
EGO JD 2-03/2017
c. Plan, and update plans continuously, schedules and shipments for all closed
sales transactions (as per agreement with customer) and communicate the
plans to EGO sales, production and finance departments
d. Communicate and coordinate the plans to each customer (consignee and
notify) separately (in the format desired by the customer) and update customer
and EGO internal departments on any changes/modifications
e. While production department is closing crop packing, review final adjustments
to customer fulfilling plan, if any, and report them to customer plus sales and
f. Assure inspection entity is at pack house for final inspection prior to container
closing, if requested
g. Assure containers is at pack house in due time for loading with requested
cooling abilities
3- Customer fulfilment roles and responsibilities
a. Confirm with quality team on quality of crops and packing
b. Confirm precooling and cooling activities, plus log devise addition at container
c. Confirm palettes packing labels as requested by clients and related authorities
both local and foreign
d. Assure container departing from pack house in time for port arrival and with
proper cooling specs
e. Follow on container arrival to port, clearing at port, loading on ship, etc.. and
update EGO database and customer in the format requested
f. Assure issuance of right certificates and update customer and internal
g. Follow on vessel departure and update customer on exact departure time.
h. Obtain required documents from shipping company and send them to customer
and finance as per sales transaction agreement (scanned copy and originals)
i. Follow on vessel arrival at port of destination, update customer and EGO
internal departments with exact arrival, and assure issuance of QC report upon
arrival of vessel
4- Post customer fulfillment roles and responsibilities
a. Obtain customer complaints and forward them to EGO production and quality
departments, as well as EGO Management
b. Make sure complains are addressed and customer is satisfied with
coordination with EGO sales and finance departments
c. Update all records and databases on transaction closing.
5- General responsibilities at EGO
a. Develop and maintain excellent relationship with EGO management selected
shipping agents, liner, freight forwarder and all external fulfilment entities
b. Provide continuous evaluation of all above entities related to quality, cost, and
professionalism in respect to absolute quality execution of EGO fulfilment to
customers to EGO management.
c. Use of EGO tools to perform the job required in the utmost professional
d. Develop and deliver weekly reports on all logistics activities to management
e. In time of low season, and without affecting main tasks and responsibilities,
help others at EGO with their tasks when possible.
EGO JD 2-03/2017
f. Help creating a team work spirit and business conduct professionalism at EGO
g. Help adherence to EGO values, business ethics and business conduct
h. Demonstrate a role model of professional employee at EGO and help inspiring
others to follow suit
Job Details

Date Posted: 2017-12-27
Job Location: Cairo, Egypt
Job Role: Logistics and Transportation
Company Industry: Other

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor's degree