How would your city look like, if you mapped the perceptions of tourists about different parts of the city using data from Airbnb?Beñat Arregi, an architect and data visualisation enthusiast, has explored this idea in his project titled *#8220;City maps from tourist feelings*#8221; by mapping the rating of each Airbnb listing on a map. The result is an interesting visualisation of how tourists*perceive the*neighbourhoods*in the city.Of course, it*#8217;s hard to derive more meaning into the data visualization as there are many factors behind Airbnb ratings but when you look at it with a level of abstraction, there are some fascinating geographic patterns to it. Data for the project was retrieved*from InsideAirbnb and was visualised using Carto.
The visualization is currently available for the following cities (direct links to the maps): Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mallorca, Manchester, Melbourne, Montreal, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Rome, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney, Venice, Vienna.*Certainly a geoawesome project!The post Mapping cities using Airbnb ratings appeared first on Geoawesomeness.