Mohamed Ihab Salah Mohamed
Civil Engineer_GIS Career Contact Information

Public Authority of High *amp; Aswan Dams
Al-zalazel building 81521 Post of High Dam West
Aswan, Egypt
Phone: 02 0114 0864096
Home: 02 097 3481186

Personal Information:
• Nationality: Egyptian
• Birth Date: August 10th , 1962
• Gender: Male
• Marital Status: Married

Work Experience:
• (1988 – 1991) For Public Authority of High and Aswan Dams.
Flood Management .
Flood forecasting.
Hydrological analysis .
Hydrological survey
Sedimentation studies.

• (1991 – 1992) For Private Sector.
Site Engineer in new ISNA barrage project.

• (1992 – 1999) For General Inspection of Egyptian Irrigation in Sudan.
Hydrological analysis .
Flood Control and forecasting.
Manager of technical office.
Studying of White Nile efficiency project.
Manager of Dongola measurement station.
Manager of Khartoum measurement station.
Head of surveying missions to Atbara and Dongola.

• (1999 – 2006) For Public Authority of High and Aswan Dams.
Head of observation division.
Head of researches division.
Manager of GIS center (since 2001).

• (2006 – 2011) For Horizontal Expansion *amp; Projects Sector - Development of south valley project (Toshka).
Chief engineer in the general department of water resources and irrigation.
Manager of GIS*amp;RS center.

• (2011 – present) For Public Authority of High and Aswan Dams.
Chief engineer in the general department of hydrology.
Manager of the chairman technical office.

• MS Word, Excel and Power Point.
• ArcView 8.1,9.0
• ArcEditor 9.3
Spatial Analyst,
3D Analyst,
Hydrology tool,
Geostatistical Analyst,
Image Analyst.
Utility Network Analyst,
Network Analyst,
Tracking Analyst.
• ArcServer 9.3.
• Hypack 6.2
• GPS-GIS system. Terrasync software
• PCI Geomatica 9.0 fundamental.
• TOEFL test at Sohag ESP center with 473 score.

GIS projects:
• Calculating volumes and surface areas of Toshka depressions and estimating rating curves.
• Finding best water path through Toshka depressions.
• Modeling sand dunes density along Toshka channels.
• Modeling applied hydrology; sedimentation, rainfall, evaporation and runoff.
• Calculating total amount of sediment deposited in High Dam reservoir and evaluating dead and live capacities of the reservoir.
• Producing South Valley digital maps (contours, valleys, roads, streams, buildings)
• Use of remote sensing in water demand limitation in Toshka project.
• Spatial encyclopedia of sedimentation phenomena in High Dam reservoir

GIS related topics:
• Carrying out animation of variation through time.
• Carrying out tracking animation using Tracking Analyst.
• Finding best site for projects according to specified criteria.
• Producing maps answering a given query.
• Hydrology tool applications; watersheds, stream lines, accumulation flow….etc
• Land cover/ use applications.
• Soil and crops classification.
• Elevation analysis.
• Satellite image analysis.
• Building Geodatabases and attribute tables.
• Building terrain dataset.
• Publishing GIS web applications using ArcServer.

DSS’s Projects:
• Designing DSS program for development of south valley project.

Conferences *amp; Papers:
VII International Conference on Environmental Hydrology *amp; Its Engineering Aspects and the First Symposium Environmental Impacts on the Nile Water Resources
September 25-27 2012: Cairo, Egypt
1. Using GIS in Evaluating Dead and Live Capacities in High Dam Reservoir.
2. Forecasting Annual River Nile Discharge at Aswan Using Standard Deviation {Ihab1}.
3. Forecasting Annual River Nile Discharge at Aswan Using GIS technique {Ihab2}.

Books published:
• *quot;Practical Applications in GIS*quot;. 226 topics 323 Pages A4 size. Published by Dar Elma’refa, Cairo.

Location: EGYPT.
Course: ArcGIS 9.3 ( ArcEditor, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Topology, Utility Network Analyst, Surveying Analyst, Image Analyst)
ArcServer 9.3
Duration: From 17 to 25 Feb. 2010.
Degree: Certificates

• International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM).
Location: SPAIN.
Course: Agri-environmental development indicators in rural areas.
Duration: From 14 to 19 April 2008.
Degree: Certificate.

• International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM).
Location: SPAIN.
Course: Decision Support System (DSS).
Duration: From 12 to 16 June 2006.
Degree: Certificate.

• Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Location: JAPAN.
Course: Rivers *amp; Dams Engineering.
Duration: From August 13, 2002 to November 22, 2002.
Degree: Certificate.

Location: EGYPT.
Course: ArcGIS 8.1 ( ArcView, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geostatitical Analyst)
Duration: During 2001.
Degree: Certificates.

• Austrian National Committee on Large Dams (ATCOLD).
Location: Austria.
Course: Dam Surveillance Practice.
Duration: From 23 to 26 October 2000.
Degree: Certificate.

Other activities:
• Trainer of GIS advanced training course held in Engineers Syndicate in Alexandria from 1 to 10 Sep. 2012.

• Assuit University – Faculty of Engineering.
Location: EGYPT.
Course: Civil Engineering.
Duration: From 1981 to 1986.
Degree: BSc.

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